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This programme is suitable for those who want to try their hand and our service. Let's start working together on one goal - to make you confident and a little happier.

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For those who like to work with us on themselves. An in-depth diet course and combined meals will allow you to analyze the effectiveness of an individual program and adjust it to achieve the desired results.

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For our friends who have set a tough goal to become better, we have prepared a special program containing a varied diet, expanding the menu towards the gym and a more active lifestyle.

about my flawless diet

We are a young company that helps people become better physically and mentally. We propose to change your lifestyle based on a balanced healthy diet and physical activity. Our experienced team will develop a nutritional program and a set of exercises exclusively for the characteristics of your body, taking into account your tastes.

“Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

our team

Jeon Ji Hyun

Our chief nutritionist used to work in South Korea in one of the most famous centers of healthy lifestyle.

Robert Edwards

Worked in an international team that made up nutrition programs for people with various diseases.

Steven Adams

Has extensive experience in preparing athletes for competitions.

Jennifer Braun

Master of sports in swimming. Also has an aerobics and athletics rank.

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By filling out the application form, you can trust our experienced nutritionists and coaches on the way to self-improvement. We will develop an individual diet and training programme that is right for you. Join the path of a healthy lifestyle right now!
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I am very grateful to my friend Claire, who persuaded me to try this diet. Well, I did not believe that I would succeed. But by the end of the first month I noticed that the waist and tummy became flatter. I'm so glad!

It is always interesting to try something new. What can nutritionists offer that I haven't tried before? And they managed to surprise me, I admit it)) Dinners are especially good

Once I decided to fulfill my dream, as had nothing to lose. Gradually, eating healthy and exercising every day managed to return the body, which was before the accident. Thanks, my flawless diet, for help and support.

I used to lead a wild life: smoked and often stuck in bars, ate fast food. My girlfriend was tired of me, slowly becoming greasy. She delivered an ultimatum and donated a monthly subscription to the ultimate plan. Now this lifestyle is a part of me.

So nice is a feeling of self-confidence and strength. I have not experienced such a spiritual uplift for a long time. So much energy, I want to do everything, go climbing. I did not think that an ordinary walk after work could relax so much.

In the new year I decided to start a new life, change the boring work, start a dog and run with it in the park. But the most difficult was to prepare for the summer in less than six months. I thought it was impossible, because I am not a sports person at all.